CONSULTING: Existing Restaurant




Whether you’ve taken a dive into the deep end by taking over an established business, or you’re looking for ways to upgrade and compete , we can help you turn an existing business into a more profitable venture. As restaurant turnaround consultants who have proven our merit time and again in Toronto, we have the experience and knowledge to get your business into winning shape.

Our combined expertise in the restaurant and hospitality industry has shown us the common pitfalls and dead ends that businesses often find themselves stuck in. Training, design, and flow are just some of the key aspects that we’ll examine in your existing business. Through data-driven research on your locale, client base, marketing strategies, and profits/losses, we’ll create the right plan for you and your team to make your business better.






We can’t make a plan of attack without first surveying the battlefield: through a competitive analysis of the area’s competing establishments, we’ll see what you’re up against and find ways to make your business stand out. We’ll also evaluate internal practices and designs to see where you may be losing time, money, or opportunities to gain new customers.



Redesigning any problematic areas of your location will help to increase productivity and improve the atmosphere of your business. Not only that, we’ll make sure to build a brand that has a strong message, appeals to your target clientele, and brings in new business. Our restaurant consulting team will help you build an appetizing, memorable menu. 



Problems with daily operations—including scheduling, Point of Sale (POS) system management, staff/customer interface—can all have a huge impact on the success of your business. Our team will streamline your operations and train you and your staff to be a coworking system.



If you feel like your business is leaking money, we’ll find the cracks and show you how to seal them up for good. Problems like wasted food, lost marketing opportunities, or misplaced investments can cause major problems, but even things like hours of operation, lease terms, and pricing are places we’ll examine to make sure you’ve got the numbers working for you.



Secret shopper services can help you get a clear outside opinion, one that your friends and family won’t be able to offer. Our existing restaurant packages include this service, along with training on cooking, service, and portioning to ensure that customers are satisfied every step of the way.


Where We Help

We help existing businesses in our local area, the rest of Canada, and even internationally.



Onsite consulting at your restaurant gives our team the clearest picture of your business, and allows us to work with you and your staff one-on-one to establish or improve your business. We offer secret shopper services, brand development, recruitment assistance, presentation and portioning advice, and even help you train staff in every level and department.

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Even from the other side of the world, our restaurant consultation team can give you the tools you need to succeed as a restaurant or bar owner. If you love what we do, you might consider having us come to you for an onsite consultation. Our offsite package includes data analysis, training webinars, menu design, and strategy planning.

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