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New Restaurant Consulting with Tim Halley



So you have the perfect idea for a restaurant, and you’re ready to get started. We want to help you make the business you’ve envisioned a success, and our restaurant startup consultant team has experience creating all kinds of successful businesses in the hospitality industry. We’ve helped people like you create a business that outlasts the trends and outsmarts the competition.

One of our major focuses for a strong foundation is the location of your business. If you haven’t chosen a spot yet, we’ll analyze the area, the competition, and the best options for the kind of business you want to open. Through lease negotiations, to kitchen design, to lighting installation, we’ll work with you each step of the way to create the business you want, and implement the strategies you need.




Planning for a new restaurant with Tim Halley


One of the main reasons that businesses are successful is that they took the time to research, develop a plan, and set reasonable goals. Our restaurant consulting team will start with a solid business plan, research on the local market, and help finding the perfect location for a business that will attract clients and keep them coming back for years.

Building a new restaurant with Tim Halley


Building a space that works well now means saving tons of time and money in the future. Together, we’ll create a menu that recognizes the tastes of the community while bringing something unique to the table. With a brand, concept, and theme in hand, we’ll design a superior marketing strategy to get clients in from day one. 

Preparing operations at a new restaurant with Tim Halley


It can be tough to turn a group of individuals into a team that works together smoothly and efficiently, but we’ll help you recruit, hire, and train the right people for the job. If you’ve never owned or managed a restaurant, we’ll show you the ropes of discount orders, the POS system, and professional presentation techniques.

New restaurant metrics with Tim Halley


Budgets and plans are essential, but the hospitality industry involves a lot of data. Our restaurant setup consultants have you covered: we’ll show you how important Point of Sale is for your business, how to best use your marketing budget, and even how to save money by retaining good staff. 

More new restaurant services with Tim Halley


We’re serious about helping you every step of the way, even down to the seating, lighting, and paintings (or antiques or bicycles or book art) you put on the walls. It’s a pleasure to help you make your dreams a reality, and we can give you the tips and advice to make sure it stays a reality. 

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We help people start businesses all around Toronto, Canada, North America, and the world.



On-site consulting at your restaurant gives our team the clearest picture of your business, and allows us to work with you and your staff one-on-one to establish or improve your business. We offer secret shopper services, brand development, recruitment assistance, presentation and portioning advice, and even help you train staff in every level and department.

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Even from the other side of the world, our restaurant consultation team can give you the tools you need to succeed as a restaurant or bar owner. If you love what we do, you might consider having us come to you for an on-site consultation. Our remote package includes data analysis, training webinars, menu design, and strategy planning.

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