Restaurant consulting doesn’t have to be an in-person service, and that’s why, no matter where you are in the world, we offer offsite consulting packages that can get your restaurant started the right way or give it the boost it needs. We don’t aim to be technical gurus, so we’ll stick to easy-to-use software, video conferencing, and document sharing to communicate, collaborate, and innovate alongside you and your team.

Whether you need to start from scratch or refresh your business’s palate, our offsite restaurant consulting group is the dream team you’ll want in your court. We offer services like blueprint design consulting, brand development, and even live training webinars where you and your staff can ask our team all your burning questions. We bring the best restaurant consulting firm right into your kitchen, all without the crowd.






First things first: no matter where you are in making your business dream into reality, a plan is an important tool to get you there. We’ll talk blueprints for your kitchen, bar, and dining areas, we’ll look at the best ways to utilize your budget, and we’ll have a strategy for moving forward.



Our restaurant setup consultant services are the best in the area, and we’d love to show you how to build the ideal business. This comes down to turning blueprints into actual workspaces as well as building everything from your recipes to your staff.



New to POS (Point-of -Sale)? We’ll show you what to do. Never had to budget for stock? We’ll run the data with you. Even down to day-to-day tasks like scheduling, cleaning, and cashbox preparation, we show you how to make  your business work like a pristine machine.



The numbers  don’t lie, but sometimes they do speak Latin. We’ll crunch the numbers and help you understand what the data says, and help you plan a better budget, create more targeted marketing campaigns, and excel at profit planning. Our offsite restaurant consulting is the key to a data-driven strategy.



Our offsite restaurant consulting offers plenty to get your business in the best place, but if you ever want to get true hands-on help from us, we are happy to travel, and we’re just a few hours away from most of Canada and the US. Let us know what you need, and we’ll discuss the possibilities.


Where We Help

With virtual meetings, document sharing, and trainings, we can work with any restaurant, anywhere.


New Restaurant

Some of the biggest mistakes are made before the first brick is laid.  Planning is Critical. Consult with professionals in the beginning to avoid costly mistakes. Before you start work with a general contractor or sign a lease, contact us to advise on the essential steps.

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Existing Restaurant

Have you recently taken over an existing food business? Does your long-time venture need a face lift?  Do you need to increase your profits?We'll work with you to create a business turn-around that's worth the effort. 

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