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If you’re looking for a restaurant consultant in Toronto or surrounding areas, then you’re in the right place. Tim Halley and our expert team have been improving the restaurant landscape in our beloved Ontario for years, and we’re here to show you the strategies to make your business a place where people want to eat again and again.

Our on-site consultations, training, and strategizing will help your business be successful, whether you’re just starting out or looking to try something fresh with an existing business. For startups, we’ll help you choose the best location, design your space, and hire the right people for the job. For existing businesses, our invaluable general evaluation will give you the objective information you’ll need to start making more money.




On-site consult plan with Tim Halley Consulting


Success is built on the foundation of a good plan: our on-site restaurant consulting services begin with getting your foundation solid and ready to support your dream business. We’ll examine location, suppliers, costs, kitchen layout, dining area design...everything it takes to have a clear picture of what needs to happen.

Tim Halley on-site consult


We’ll consult with you to build not just the physical aspects of your restaurant, but all of the things that you’ll need to make a smooth transition into (re)opening day. This includes building or recreating a brand, along with a stellar menu and a competent staff.

Tim Halley on-site consult operations


Training is a big part of smooth operations, and our team has the expertise and experience to train your team. We help with recruiting and teaching new members how to be team players, we show you how to find the best suppliers, and we’ll even show you how to best portion and present your menu items.

Tim Halley on-site consult with Metrics


As we work with you throughout the process, we’ll examine budgets and profits, as well as perform best practices analyses. Labour and training are essential to keeping staff turnover low and profits high, and our experts will show you how best to make sure you’re putting your money exactly where it needs to go.

Other on-site consult services with Tim Halley


Our secret shopper services can give you a true understanding of how your business appears to guests, and as part of our on-site offerings, we’ll utilize this service to give you an outside, objective view of your business: what works, what doesn’t, what to do next.

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Though local to Toronto, we’re only a few hours away from nearly anywhere in North America.


New Restaurant

Some of the biggest mistakes are made before the first brick is laid.  Planning is Critical. Consult with professionals in the beginning to avoid costly mistakes. Before you start work with a general contractor or sign a lease, contact us to advise on the essential steps.

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Existing Restaurant

Have you recently taken over an existing food business? Does your long-time venture need a face lift?  Do you need to increase your profits?We'll work with you to create a business turn-around that's worth the effort. 

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