SERVICES: Recruitment & Training

Tim Halley Consulting: Recruitment & Training

Hiring & Screening

Startups and existing businesses alike need to hire reliable, hard-working, team-oriented people. As part of the hospitality industry, making sure that guests are happy is essential to your success. This begins with the people customers interact with, like servers, hosts, and bartenders, but hiring the best people in every part of your establishment is a must. We’ll help you find and screen candidates to find the best crew for your business.


Areas of services

  • Application review + overhaul
  • Employee screening using interview tactics
  • Job ad advice + proven listing sites
  • Policy reviews
  • Loss prevention
  • Employee relations + handbook review
Tim Halley Consulting: Staff Training

Staff Training

Everyone starts somewhere, and you shouldn’t rule out good candidates just because they’re new to this kind of work. If you’ve found someone with energy, people skills, and a knack for balancing trays, that person could be your star server with a little training. Even for workers with tons of experience, everyone has room to grow and improve. We train cooks, servers, bar staff, etc., ensuring that your team is an effective, cohesive unit.


Areas of Service

  • Safety initiatives + training
  • Hospitality workshops
  • Etiquette + personal appearance review
  • How to work with dissatisfied guests
  • Food delivery + clearing postures
  • Main service + side work balance
  • Recommendations + dietary restrictions
Tim Halley Consulting: Manager Training

Manager Training

Management is a skill, something that comes through experience with different kinds of people. It can be difficult to judge whether someone will work well with your team, but with all of our experiences in this industry, we’ll help you find the right person to lead your team and make your business a success. We can also work with current or aspiring managers to show them how to effectively manage your business and staff.