SERVICES: Restaurant Design

Tim Halley Catering: Restaurant Design

Kitchen Design

Not only will our restaurant consultants work with you to design a workspace that is hygienic and functional, we’ll make sure it flows for maximum productivity. Ample refrigeration is a major aspect in creating a successful kitchen space, and designing your kitchen to allow for accessible fridges is one of our main goals. We’ll also ensure that counters are standard heights and that HVAC systems are properly installed.


Areas of Service

  • Health + safety standards compliance
  • Equipment specs + procurance
  • Layout + flow assessment
  • Fridge access + capacity planning
  • Accessibility
  • HVAC installation oversight
  • Dry goods/fresh food prep space
  • Storage planning + design
Tim Halley Consulting: Kitchen & Bar Design

Kitchen & Bar Design

If you’ve ever worked in a place with a kitchen and a bar, you know how important it is for these two spaces to work together seamlessly. We’ll help you plan the best flow between the spaces, as well as design bar seating for maximum capacity and comfort. We’ll even show you where to put the dishwashers and garbage bins for the optimum dining atmosphere.

Tim Halley Catering: Dining Room Design

Dining Room Design

Seating may not be the first thing on your mind, but it’s so important to a successful restaurant. Bar seating, booths or banquet seating, and even chair or bench spacing need consideration when preparing an area that’s welcoming, comfortable, and has the right atmosphere for your brand. If you're a restaurant start up, we'll give you ideas on choosing tables and chairs, and placing permanent seating at the right distance from bars or tables for maximum customer enjoyment.


Areas of Service

  • Interior space aesthetics + decor
  • Exterior design + upgrades
  • Exterior marketing displays
  • Lighting + fixtures
  • Color palette design + implementation
  • Merchandise display
  • Accessibility + safety plans