SERVICES: Menu Design & Profit

Tim Halley Consulting: Menu Design & Profit

Menu Design & Profitability

A menu can change the entire guest experience, and with our restaurant consulting expertise, we can spot a good menu from a mile away. “Good” can mean a lot of things on a menu, but it should include a careful analysis of menu prices, unique offerings paired with local favorites, user-friendly content, and attention to the drinks menu as well. Whether you're a startup or an existing restaurant, our services can help you make the right connections with the guests you’re hoping to impress.


Areas of services

  • Menu audit + profit analysis
  • Menu research + competitor review
  • Menu design utilizing profit design techniques
  • Menu content
  • Recipe development
  • Front of house / back of house labor review
  • Profit and loss
  • Drink menu audit
  • Plans to increase profit + flow of labor