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Tim Halley Consulting is in the news


With over 30 years of experience and some major credits to his name, Tim Halley has seen his fair share of the spotlight. Locally and nationally, his work has been recognized as outstanding and innovative.

Never one to be camera shy, Tim has appeared on both Chopped Canada and Carnival Eats, where he showed off his head chef skills and impressed the nation with his culinary karate. Not only that, his work has been featured in publications such as Ontario Restaurant News, Toronto Sun, KW record, Guelph Mercury, Where to Eat in Canada, and Toronto Life.

In a Guelph Chamber of Commerce Coop newsletter, Lauren Khalil described Tim Halley in this way: “Tim Halley is a pioneering force of Guelph’s current culinary landscape. An Incredible chef. Influential mentor. Professional food consultant. Trailblazing local food champion. Collaborator. Innovator. Storyteller. Joker.” She certainly sums Tim up well, and she hasn’t even included his roles as husband, father, and mentor to more than a dozen aspiring chefs.

Among the reasons for Tim’s success story are his attention to the culinary landscape and his dedication to the best ingredients. Focusing on using lots of fresh, simple ingredients wherever possible, he works to bring wholesome goodness together with inspiring spices to create food for festivals, weddings, and restaurants alike. Tim works at the Guelph Farmer’s Market, caters events, and works alongside his wife, Mari-Claire, and their consultation team players Lisa and Steve to bring the best information and assistance to other restaurants.


Articles and Videos

Tim Halley on the Food Network

If you’re in Canada, you can take a gander at Tim’s appearance on Chopped Canada in May 2015. The episode theme was “Leftovers: Recycle, Reuse, Reheat!” and it featured four top chefs from around the nation. Tim went head-to-head with top chefs from Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. 

At the 2014 Elora Riverfest, Tim’s Roti Mon was a hit, selling over 2,000 portions to guests. Tim said, “...I noticed, no one really had great curry so I decided on the roti and that was a good festival meal because you can hold it.” Tim looked at the competition, found a niche, and developed a food that worked for the event. If this doesn’t convince you of his consulting skills, read it again! Read More »

Enjoy the full episode, or fast track to Tim's hand held hit at the Sound of Music Festival in Burlington, Ontario. Tim had Carnival Eats host and festival goers alike melting over his flavor packed Caribbean roti, starting at 8:45. Watch Now »

Originally The Western Hotel, the building on MacDonnell and Wyndham in downtown Ontario has changed hands several times in its century-long existence. In 2013, Tim Halley worked with Tony and Fred DiBattista to renovate the hotel. Now, The Western Hotel Burgers and Steakhouse pays tribute to its history while offering today’s guests a lot more beef than the original establishment.  Read More »