SERVICES: Location & Lease

Tim Halley Consulting: Location & Lease

Area Analysis

Whether you’ve already chosen your ideal location, or you’re still on the hunt for the right spot, our restaurant turnaround and startup consultants know exactly what to consider in your choice. We can help you analyze the area, taking into consideration competitors’ exterior design and marketing spaces, ideal building layouts for your business, space requirements for guests and kitchen design, and even parking/accessibility of the space.

Tim Halley Consulting: Area Analysis
Tim Halley Consulting: Lease Negotiation

Lease Negotiation

While we can’t promise to get you an amazing space for half the price, we can help you use the right language, plans, and tactics to understand and negotiate a lease. We’ll help you reach out to owners with potential spaces for your business, discuss leasing options and regulations, and even help you work on making the price more matched with your budget. We can also advise you current leases that aren’t quite meshing for you, and try to help you obtain better conditions.