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A Kitchen with flow incorporates the following.

Well placed equipment 

Profer refrigeration

Accessible space

Product in the wrong place wastes time and deteriorates service.

Proper refrigeration is key.  Enough accessible space for organization and inventory control directly effects profits.

An Achilles heel of many restaurants is insufficient amount of refrigeration space which effects long term service and profitability.

Hiring an architect. Design standards for equipment installation. Counter heights.

What the customer sees.  Open spaces. Noise flow.  Stereophonics. 

HVAC hood fan requirements, size and venting.


Create flow.    Flow is what makes a restaurant run efficiently.

If the bar-tender needs to go round the corner to get coke for his rye& coke, he can't work efficiently.  Its all about design and planning. 

Most effective use of space. Often space is limited.  Build with intelligence while maximize seating capacity.

Placement of ovens, prep-counters, storage, delivery and pick-up counters are critical to food quality, service quality and ambiance.

From product delivery to storage.  Garbage and recycling set up. Food Server alley from delivery to the refrigerator.

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Booths; banquette seating. 

Banquet seating.  

Bar & lounge seating.